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Mounting your Clear Mount Stamps – Tutorial

Filed under: Projects — February 3, 2010 @ 11:38 am

I have always been a wood mount fan, but decided to give Clear Mount (really Cling Mount – the blocks are clear, not the stamps) a try.

I love, love these features of Clear Mount (CM) stamps:

1.  You can better see what you are doing!

2.  You can mount several stamps on one block and stamp them together.

3.  Saves space.

4.  Saves money (after your initial investment in clear blocks).

The only thing I had trouble getting used to, is that the stamps are (obviously) less strongly attached to the blocks.  This is mainly a problem with the smaller stamps and when cleaning.  After some research and testing, here are my solutions.

1.  Keep your blocks clean.  Mild soap and water or baby wipes are great.

2.  Always press down on your table before inking up – this will help create a better seal.

3.   When cleaning your stamps, use a slight twist – not the strong scrubbing motion that you can get away with when using wood mounts.

4.  Trim your stickers before mounting.  The cling of the mount is greater than the cling of the sticker.  So this gives you a rim of “enhanced cling” around your stamp.  Some folks are leaving off the stickers altogether, but I love having the image there, so this is a good compromise.



Here’s what you get – case, rubber sheet, sticker sheet.  Before I move on – a few tips on how NOT to lose your CM stamps.

If you are not a “clean up as you go” type of person, try placing them all on one of the larger blocks to “coral” them.   Always count up before closing the case.  Keep the leftover rubber sheet as a holder in your case.


Either leave the stamp in the rubber sheet or pop it out – your preference.  Peel the backing off the stamp.    Peel off the sticker and liner (the piece with slits) together.  Trim closely around the sticker with your SU Paper Snips.  Then remove the liner using the slits.


Center the sticker onto the foam.  There is now a border of cling mount around the sticker that will greatly enhance the cling -y- ness.


To use your new CM stamp:  Press it onto the block that is most close in size.


Give a press onto your desk for a few seconds to maximize the seal before inking up.

Have fun!

NEW:  Here’s a video from SU about CM stamps:

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